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The growth of many Ghanaian industries, including oil, natural gas, cocoa, gold and diamonds and the housing sector boom has generated and injected billions of dollars annually into the Ghanaian economy, making it one of the fastest growing economies in subSaharan West Africa. Ghana's tropical location, political stability and increasing population is attractive to foreign investors and over 600++ nationals have the opportunity to be an integral part of the ® production of high tensile TMT rebars. FM Ghana TM FAB 500 recruits and trains nationals to work in the fields of management, administration, chemistry and logistics, helping to increase the financial stability of many local families. The facility fosters a great sense of pride in domestic production, while developing plans for the expansion of the company and its workforce.

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Features that make FAB 500 TMT Superior... and your first choice

Get enhanced strength of advanced TMT technology

Hardened Outer Layer

Soft Inner Core

Technology ​Advantage

Higher Strength vs Ductility Ratio

The technology forms Hardened outer layer and Soft Inner core making the bars Tough and yet Flexible to withstand critical loads.

More Strength in less Weight

As it delivers higher values of strength & ductility it reduces quantity of required steel which further reduces the own weight load of structure. And eventually less steel means more economical.

Parallel & Precise Rib Pattern

It leads to excellent bonding with Concrete making RCC structure stronger. It also eliminates the torsion residual stress resulting Corrosion Resistance and thus increasing life of structure.



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